Financial Licence

We can help you to set up a financial company in many jurisdictions worldwide. Our licensing support services are specially developed according to needs and requirements of our valuable customers.

We cover all setting up process, yearly legal assistance, full accounting and management. Currently we can offer our professional assistance in several jurisdictions such as United Kingdom, Russian Federation, Switzerland, Latvia, Cyprus, Luxembourg, Hong Kong, New Zealand, British Virgin Island and many others, so you can start up your financial company in your preferred jurisdiction.

We can help you to set up the following:

  • Financial Service Provider Companies in New Zealand (Read more)
  • Forex Companies in many jurisdictions (Read more)
  • E-money Companies in United Kingdom, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Latvia and Cyprus
  • Payment Services Companies in United Kingdom, Russian Federation and Hong Kong
  • Consumer Credit Companies in United Kingdom
  • Financial Adviser Companies in United Kingdom, Cyprus, Hong Kong and Latvia
  • Private Equity Companies in Russian Federation
  • Private and Public Funds in BVI
  • SICAV and SICAF Investment Funds in Luxembourg
  • Investment Managers Companies in United Kingdom, New Zealand, Cyprus, Latvia, Hong Kong, BVI
  • Asset Management Companies in many jurisdictions

Many of our customers rely on us to manage their companies and to develop for them the best conditions to start up their financial company.

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