Forex Companies

The first question that arises when starting a new Forex Company is what will be the best location to incorporate and license the NewCo, considering many aspects such as the time frame and the cost to obtain the licence and the reputation of the jurisdiction on the global market.

At ASTORTS we support the clients in the choice of the most appropriate jurisdiction for the development of his business. We rank the different jurisdictions from level one to level five taking in consideration the complexity, the time frame and the cost to obtain the license.

Level one is without any doubt represented by USA and Japan, while the second lever is represented by United Kingdom.

Third level is represented by Cyprus, New Zealand and Latvia, while fourth level is represented by BVI and fifth level represented by offshore companies.

Whether in a level one jurisdiction or a level fifth jurisdiction, all processes will go much smoother if you have all documentation properly prepared and timely submitted. we can help to prepare all documents and we will support our clients in all the steps of regulation.